About Me/My Homelab

About Me/My Homelab

Yup, there I am. An IT guy during the day and a tinkerer after hours. I love anything technology, IT, home automation, homelab or automotive related.

In my homelab, I once had two racks full of gear and then some. Dell R710s, R410s, 210s, ASAs, Switches, and Workstations. Recently, I have been in a consolidation phase. My goal for 2017/2018 is to consolidate my lab into low power use equipment and simplify my homelab and home network. So far, I am pretty much on track to making that happen.

My setup/homelab

My main server is now a Supermicro SYS-5028D-TN4T Mini Tower with an X10SDV-TLN4F motherboard. This machine is a rockstar. I’ve equipped it with 32gb of RAM (for now, more to come later) and four 3tb hard drives (also, soon to be upgraded). While the onboard RAID controller does not support ESXi, it does work well with Windows Server 2012. I took this as an opportunity to learn Hyper-V.

My physical host does very well for what it is. I thought for sure that there was now way this little Supermicro mini tower was going to handle everything I have thrown at it.

Virtual Machines Running Thus Far:

Ubiquiti Unifi
Ubiquiti UNMS

Physical Applications Installed on the Host

Blue Iris (probably by far the most resource intensive app I’ve thrown at it so far)
Manage Engine Desktop Central – Free Edition

I also have 2 Intel NUCs and a cobbled together desktop for various tasks. My older NUC is running my HomeSeer installation. I will be moving this at some point in the future to my single Supermicro host. My newer NUC and custom desktop are currently just test boxes for anything that I deem I need a test box for.

Why the blog?

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. At first this seemed fairly useless to me. Then I decided that I read a lot of people’s blogs and have found numerous blogs that have been helpful to me. Figured this would also give me the opportunity to learn WordPress and to showcase some of what I can do as a technical person.

Please feel free to check out some of my latest blog posts.

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